1+1000 NIGHTS

Yen-Cheng Liu

1+1000 Nights is not about the fantasies and fables in “The One Thousand and One Nights”. Inspired by the literary technique of “The One Thousand and One Nights,” which assembles and layers loosely interrelated tales within a main story, this experimental piece explores the complex truth and its multiple layers, as well as the power of human imagination.

The perception of reality is often based on the sum of our senses. 1+1000 Nights deconstructs sensory signals, allowing independent signals to grow into different imaginaries throughout the performance, relying on the audience’s imagination and projection of personal experiences. By breaking down the whole into pieces, it helps us see the small parts of our daily life. The use of audio description, video and surtitles enhance the theatrical experience by expressing what is not present on stage. Each unique element such as sound, image, word and movement tells a story within a story, resonating with memories of individual audience. In the end, as all sensory signals gradually disappear, we are left to confront our inner selves and realize our ability of imagining things. Taiwanese netizens make puns on this type of fabrication – supplementing reality with imagination – as “a brain boosting activity”.

By deconstructing visual and auditory experiences, 1+1000 Nights resets time and space. Through sensory deprivation and perception manipulation, it creates a false sense of reality. The visual (videos, pictures, surtitles), auditory (foley, music, audio descriptions), and the physical performances together build the live experience in 1+1000 Nights.

Premiere: May 20, 2022 at Wellspring Theater, Taipei.

Concept, Direction and Performance: LIU Yen-Cheng  |  Co-creation and Performance: TSOU Ying-Lin & WANG Chu-Hua & WU Chun-Che  |  Lighting Design: TSENG Jui-Hsuan  |  Foley Sound Consultant: HSIEH Shao-Hua  |  Visual Design: HUANG Wei-Hsuan  |  Film: CHAN Ki-Yan  |  Costume Design and Production: LIAO Pei-Cheng & KeithLink