Drifting Dust

Duration: 11 minutes
Director and Editor: Cheuk-Lam Chiu|Choreographer: Hsiao-Tzu Tien|Camera: Cheuk-Lam Chiu, Wan Lau|Music:Yu-Jun Wang|Dancer: Ya-Chun Yang, Bo-Ling Pan, Pei-Yu Hung
First Edition
Finalist for the competition of Festival InShadow 2014 (Portugal).
Second Edition Premiere: November 2020
Invited to screen at 2020 Taiwan Dance Platform for its “Encounter.Dance Film” exhibition. Also invited to screen for the project “Freedom of Movement” in 2020, co-organized by Asociación Paso a 2 Plataforma Coreográfica Cultural (Spain), Chiayi Performing Arts Center (Taiwan), National Kaohsiung Centre of the Arts (Weiwuying) (Taiwan) and supported by Taipei Economic and Cultural Office in Madrid.

As I walk, run, sleep, eat,
Dance, work, revel in party
Lonely, sad, or filled with worry
Young or old, worn or healthy
Crossing bridges in a car ride
Self-contradictory, sitting in two minds
Ears blocked by the strong wind
Raindrops fill the nose within
Broken heart and frowning brows
Feeling unfortunate somehow
From mouth the smoke wanders somewhere
In all those moments, we float in the air
Drifting sense, always there
Just a matter of being aware

About the Film
Drifting Dust delves into the psychological state of feeling adrift and reflects Hsiao-Tzu Tien’s self-inquiry into why she often experiences uncertainty and aimlessness. With movements of “pulling” and “being pushed”, the choreography reflects the theme of floating and being propelled by water, as well as captures the constant interplay between the inner and outer worlds — how the external events, outward behaviors and inner emotions influence each other. The film’s setting contrasts the wildness of nature with the cold architecture, symbolizing the endless pursuit and the daunting emptiness. The grey and blue tones largely used in the film complement the “drifting” theme and the image of the ocean, while the lush green of grasslands and forests offer a strong contrast, evoking the sense of longing for stability and warmth amidst the coldness and loss.

Aftersea-level rise, I…

Duration: 20 minutes
Choreographer and Performer: Shu-Yi Chou|Co-Directors: William Lu and Shu-Yi Chou|Music Designer: Yu-Jun Wang
First Edition Premiere: November 14, 2020
Commissioned by National Kaohsiung Centre of the Arts (Weiwuying), Taiwan for the 38th Annual Conference of the Federation for Asian Cultural Promotion, using Weiwuying online screening platform.
Special Edition Premiere: March 2021
Commissioned by Weiwuying for the “Dance en Scene – an Initiative of Commissioning New Dance Films in Asia”, launched by Esplanade–Theatres on the Bay (Singapore), joined hands with Tai Kwun–Centre for Heritage and Arts (Hong Kong), National Taichung Theater (Taiwan) and Weiwuying (Taiwan).
In 2022 this film was also exhibited in Taiwan Academy in Los Angeles.

Imagine a world where the sea level rises, and humanity finds itself trapped in a powerless predicament. The end of the world is of our own making, and everything is eventually lost, slipping through our fingers. Picture a world gradually erased by human hands until it becomes a colorless echo of its former self. In this moment of reckoning, we ask ourselves how can we make changes, starting from now?

About the Film
After Sea-level Rise, I… is a dance film created by Shu-Yi Chou during the outbreak of COVID-19, when many live events were being canceled or postponed and the internet became an alternative arena for many artists. As a a choreographer, performer, and curator, Chou was forced to contemplate the role of the arts during times of great political, social and economic challenges, and what can be expected from theater in these circumstances. Set on the rooftop of Weiwuying, the film imagines a future world where extreme climate change and sea-level rise have caused many cities to submerge, and rooftops become refuge islands for people seeking shelter, rescue, and a path forward. Based on this idea, the film explores the theme of survival, and invites viewers to contemplate our shared future.

Anonymous No.2

Duration: 30 minutes
Concept, Choreography and Direction: Yen-Cheng Liu|Film Direction and Editing: Ki-Yan Chan| Performance: Yen-Chi Chen|Lighting Design and Technical Coordination: Jui-Hsuan Tseng|Rehearsal Assistant: Chu-Hua Wang|Film Coordination: The Ship Film|Direction of Photography: Hsiang-Wen Juan|Assistant Camera: Hsiang-Yun Cheng, Bing-Ruei Tsai|Technical Assistance: Yu-Chieh Yang, You Tee, Chieh Hsu|Still Photography: Shi-Fan Tsai|Marketing Coordination: Pei-Shan Yu|Production and Marketing Coordination: PROJECT ZERO Performing Arts Management
Online premiere: November 11, 2022
This production is produced by Dua Shin Te Production, in collaboration with National Theater & Concert Hall (Taiwan) and supported by the Ministry of Culture (Taiwan).

Excitement refers to the heightened physiological and psychological states when one is exposed to stimuli. It can manifest as both ecstasy and fear, often associated with anticipation and the unknown. For some, it is akin to the rush of entering a battlefield. For some, it is a perverse state of mind. Anonymous No.2 is a healing journey through the dark. By using excitement as a starting point, it releases the fear in our hearts and leads us down a quiet path of introspection.

About the Film
Anonymous No.2 stems from Yen-Cheng Liu’s insight after reading L’insurrection Qui Vient (The Coming Insurrection). Along with his contemporary peer, film director Ki-Yan Chan, they pondered the state of the world and infused their thoughts into this film. Does it provoke awakening, resistance, or revelry? Who is the anonymous, and is their participation in the social movement an emotional engagement or a dispassionate observation? What is the role of individual desires in the power structures? Who truly holds the future? With a calm yet challenging tone, the film asks difficult questions about life, inviting viewers to reconsider their perceptions of a complex and confusing world.

Originally a work-in-progress showcase in theatre, accompanied by live streaming on YouTube, Anonymous No.2 was conceived by Liu during the 2020 two-week artist residency project “Museum of Human Emotions 2.0” (a collaboration between Weiwuying, Taiwan and Aerowaves). In 2022, it was transformed into a dance film, retaining its original spirit but adopting the viewpoint of a filmmaker. With four chapters, the film condenses the chaos of human life through carefully chosen words, body movements, and objects.