Hsiao-Tzu Tien

  • Oct. 11-13. 2019:  Her choreography LUCID DREAM, commissioned by the National Theater & Concert Hall (Taipei) for its Mixed Program, will premiere at Experimental Theater. This solo piece aims to explore the co-relation between myth, dream and people’s collective sub-consciousness.
  • Mar. 2019:  She and choreographer Yen-Cheng Liu visited a circus school in Switzerland. Together they also participated cross-discipline and cross-culture experiments with Sarah Simili, the co-artistic director of Cie. Courant d’Cirque.
  • Oct. 13. 2018:  She presented her work STEM in the Showcase Program at Busan International Dance Market (BIDAM 2018).
  • Mar. 2018:  Her piece THE HOLE was invited to perform in the Contemporary Theatre Biennale, Shengzhen, China, which earned high marks from the audience and press.

Freelance choreographer, dancer and performer.

Born in 1984 in Tainan, Taiwan. Graduated from Department of Dance, National Taiwan University of Arts.

Regarding choreography as the chisel of life, Tien attempts to cut away the contradictions and labels that hinder self-exploration, and uncover powerful emotions deposited in the body. While looking into the desire and fear in life, she also looks for the exits of life’s trajectories, as well as their various patterns. Recently she starts to focus more on social phenomenon and gender issues. She also develops the potentials of body through collaboration and exchange with theater and performance arts, while connecting with foreign cultures and other disciplines through the exercises of body.

In 2016 she was selected by the Ministry of Culture of Taiwan for the artist residency program in Paris. Her work The Hole was nominated for Taishin Arts Award in 2015.

Her works have been premiered in Taipei Arts Festival, Dance Massive (Melbourne), America Dance Festival, among others. The Hole and Stem have been presented respectively in Avignon Off, Shenzhen Contemporary Theatre Biennale and Dance Bridges Festival (Kolkata).

She has also collaborated with numerous choreographers and companies, such as Century Contemporary Dance Company, Shu-Yi & Dancers, Mikuni Yanaihara (Japan) and Sally Richardson (Australia). Since 2014 she has been the movement designer for various theater companies, such as Style Lab and Wind & Ear Studio.

Her choreography pieces include: The Hole (2015), Blank (2015), They Dig a Hole under the Eyes (2014), Traveler (2012), and Stem (2011).

Lucid Dream

Mixed Program Promo

More than thirty years of age, yet we are still busy looking for answers and strategies.

It all feels like chasing the sun. Though deep down we are aware that it might be a dream, an illusion, we cannot stop the quest.

Premiere Date: 11th October 2019 at Experimental Theater (Taipei).

The Hole


The Hole is the sum of all emotions. It embraces the dark moments that hit us like waves from time to time, using body to physically explore how emotions and feelings are created in the first place. As a response to the social conflicts and struggles originating from a turbulent society, The Hole allows us to reexamine such a sense of “floating” shared by the whole society and all individuals inwardly and outwardly in today’s world.The movement development is based on the various events, actions, and states and contexts that happened in daily life. Through the continually discussion with performers, the actions established on the emotions are explored. To discover the relationship between simple or complex movements and characters, the choreographer extracted these actions and its frequency then transformed and reflected back to bodies.

The stage is designed as an enclosed space that was divided by the rising or falling curtains to set up the fascinating vision. It also combined live sound and lighting in order to create the inner world that forced to face in Hole.

Premiere: Oct. 29, 2016 New Taipei City Arts Center ,Taiwan

2017 Avignon Off,CDC- Les Hivernales, France
2018 Contemporary Theatre Biennale, Shengzhen, China

“It is the barefoot on the stage, running, that is essential for the dancers to hold the body and embrace the fear. Beyond introverted movements, the dance is like the emancipator.”


“A successful attempt to explore the dark moments of life. The choreographer uses her body and four dancers’ body to access the original source of feelings and emotions.”

Marc Pagnier, The Provence Herald



To reflect not only the security of “covering” and “veiling” in her personal life experience but also the self-contradictory conflict of being fettered, the dancer was covered by floral-print fabric from head to toe. Moreover, through this image, she tried to discuss the mental state and physical behavior when she was been watched.

Premiere: Jul. 21, 2011 Huashan 1914 Creative park, Taiwan

Touring: 2017 Dance Bridges Festival, India

《 》

In the performance, the choreographer exhibited her doubt and fear of self-identity as a Taiwanese from a bystander’s perspective. Through the switch of the relations between a white male performer and a Taiwanese female performer, the choreographer tried to discuss Taiwanese people’s self-identity difficulty and the alienation of national identity during the process of being constantly colonized.

Premiere: Aug.28, 2015 Taipei Zhongshan Hall ,Taiwan




They dig a hole under their eyes

They dig a hole under their eyes is about the disguised or hidden feelings such as contradiction, confusion, disquiet. From recalling unforgettable events in memories, immersing themselves in emotions then developing movements, the three dancers collaged their personal life experiences and emotions to present those deeply buried feelings in the dreamy context.

Premiere: Sept. 26, 2014 Huashan 1914 Creative park, Taiwan





Taking Franz Kafka’s Rainy days and Mondays as the covert text, Traveler is presented in the solo dance to confer the unbalanced condition intermittently happening in life. Beside the text-disappeared and imitation vintage newspaper to represent our lost in media world, the choreographer also interwove concrete installation (chalet with leakage), lamp and all the body movements to poetically elaborate the pursuit of direction in life and the fatigue in lost. Through the concept of tilt and out-of-balance as the movement developing foundation, the choreographer presented the life moment of getting off-balance, being terrified and urgently trying to find a direction.

Premiere: Nov.23 ,2012 Experimental Theater(NTCH), Taiwan