Start Over: The Musical

In the near future, there is an agency named “Start Over” which is specialized in dealing with all kinds of emotions triggered by breakups. By implanting a chip into their clients, all the emotions, no matter sadness or happiness, toward their ex will be erased. One can start over his or her life and move forward. However, this time, staffs in the agency have to deal with not only love memories from clients, but also their own love dilemma. 

Seven cosmopolitan men and women present this witty and romantic musical. Will they eventually start over and have their own happy ending?”

Start Over features its clever, humor and close-to-life dialogues and story-lines. The mixture of its urban music style, smart scenic design, fluid choreography, and actors’ radiant performance construct a heartfelt and amusing contemporary romantic musical.

Premiere: 12 performances from March 7 to 22, 2020 at Wellspring Theater, Taipei.
Tour: October 1, 2022 at the Playhouse of National Taichung Theater.
Nomination: Nominated by the 19th Taishin Arts Awards first season in 2020

Chi-Fang CHANG, Taishin Arts Award:

“A rare gem in musical”

Chi-Fang CHANG, Taishin Arts Award Nominator:

“Storytelling, music, dance are well integrated… while each stands up well on its own merits… A rare gem in musical with integrity and cohesion.”

Fei-Lan BAI, Pareviews:

“from epic and divine to zippy and jazzy”

Fei-Lan BAI, Pareviews annual critic in residence:

“The swift music style changes from epic and divine to zippy and jazzy are the surprising embellishments in the entire musical.”

Zhi-Min LIANG:

“enjoying all kinds of possibilities to scrutinize love”

Art Director of Godot Theatre Company:

“Really intriguing, I enjoyed all kinds of possibilities to scrutinize love.”

Tien-Hao RAN:

“full of audacity and lucidity for the future”

Art Director of Perfect Match Theatre:

“As if they have no baggage from the past, but full of audacity and lucidity for the future.”

Bao-Hui CHANG:

“Exceptionally rich in musical references”

Producer of Mr. Wing Theatre Company:

“Exceptionally rich in musical references and arrangements. I highly recommend it.”