Hsiao-Tzu Tien

The Hole is the sum of all emotions. It embraces the dark moments that hit us like waves from time to time, using body to physically explore how emotions and feelings are created in the first place. As a response to the social conflicts and struggles originating from a turbulent society, The Hole allows us to reexamine such a sense of “floating” shared by the whole society and all individuals inwardly and outwardly in today’s world. The movement development is based on the various events, actions, and states and contexts that happened in daily life. Through the continually discussion with performers, the actions established on the emotions are explored. To discover the relationship between simple or complex movements and characters, the choreographer extracted these actions and its frequency then transformed and reflected back to bodies.

The stage is designed as an enclosed space that was divided by the rising or falling curtains to set up the fascinating vision. It also combined live sound and lighting in order to create the inner world that forced to face in Hole.

Premiere: Oct. 29, 2016 New Taipei City Arts Center ,Taiwan

2017 Avignon Off,CDC- Les Hivernales, France
2018 Contemporary Theatre Biennale, Shengzhen, China

Choreography:Hsiao-Tzu Tien | Performance:Hsiao-Tzu Tien, Ya-Chun Yang, Ning Wang, Bo-Ling Pan, Chu-Hua Wang, Ya-Yuag Chang (or Hsin-yu Chen) | Lighting Design:I-Hua Kao | Stage Design:Cheuk-Lam Chiu | Sound Design:Yu-Der Lin | Costume Design:Juby Chiu


''the dance is like an emancipator...''

Henri Guette, Théâtrorama:

“It is the barefoot on the stage, running, that is essential for the dancers to hold the body and embrace the fear. Beyond introverted movements, the dance is like an emancipator.”

The Provence Herald:

''the original source of emotions...''

Marc Pagnier, The Provence Herald:

“A successful attempt to explore the dark moments of life. The choreographer uses her body and four dancers’ body to access the original source of feelings and emotions.”