Yen-Cheng Liu

Say goodbye to your past self, and embrace a brand-new one! While one’s self fades away with the passing of time, should one accept the new self and restart? Or should one keep fighting the tides of time with his/her own old identity?

The phrase, Qu Si Ba Ni, which means ‘Go To Hell!’ in Chinese is transliterated into Tschüss!! Bunny. These terms contribute to the idea of ‘death’ and ‘goodbye’, and simultaneously bring up the notion that death might be a form of rebirth, thus epitomize the main concept of this choreography.

Tschüss!! Bunny attempts to explore our philosophy toward life when confronting separation and rebirth. To whom are we saying goodbye? What we are fighting for? Can we find any peace within? While being watched, we are watching, too. We observe, disturb, fight and forgive. But, does looking for solutions really make us survive? Or we can only let the passing time take us and transform us? Who is the self I am departing from? What kind of self will I become? Is leaving behind the old self actually a way to sneer the present? Is nudity displaying true honesty, or is it another way of deception?
In this choreography, the key points are to collect knowledge from our life, look for the possibilities of movement development, and find clear, playful and expressive dance vocabulary.

Premiere: Oct. 3, 2013 for NEXT Choreography Project, Taipei, Taiwan

2014 Beta Publica, Madrid, Spain
2015 Festival Off d’Avignon, Avignon, France
2015 Weiwuying Arts Festival, Kaohsiung, Taiwan
2015 d’MOTION International Dance Festival, Selangor, Malaysia
2016 Internationale Tanzmesse NRW, Düsseldorf, Germany
2016 Tua-Tiu-Tiann International Festival of Arts, Taipei, Taiwan
2017 APAP 17th Contemporary Dance Showcase:Japan + East Asia, New York, USA
2017 HOTPOT East Asia Dance Platform, Hong Kong

Choreography and Music Design:Yen-Cheng Liu  |  Performance:Yen-Cheng Liu (or Chen-Zhi Liao) and Wan-Lun Yu (or Tzu-Ting Chien)  |  Costume Design:Hikky Chen  |  Lighting Design:Chih-Heng Chuang

Chaine du MIN de Rungis:

''opens up another vision of life and death ... Great art! ''

Chris Gabrieli, Chaine du MIN de Rungis:

“Two dazzling dancers manage to speak to us without verbal expression … This magic piece from Taiwan opens up another vision of life, death, rebirth … Great art!”

La Provence:

''mixing humor and theatricality...''

Johan Barthélémy, La Provence:

“The very dynamic piece is based on the theme of separation and renewal … the dancers clash on stage in a back and forth gesture, mixing humor and theatricality.”