Unfolding Futures – Body Motion Short Film Festival

Shu-Yi Chou

Beyond the present predicament, look through the body under the lenses, through the window to tomorrow, to construct a dialogue with the future.

COVID-19 (Coronavirus) has impacted human lives around the globe. At it happens, what can art do? What can art be? When so much is uncertain, we can do nothing but passively observe. While we wait and preserve energy, we shall also rethink the ethos of art. What is the meaning of art for the future world? When many live shows are halted due to the pandemic, we would like to introduce unique artists and their works from a safe distance: through images. We would pay attention to artists whose creativity is less presented in live performances in Taiwan, focusing on how they create movement vocabularies from cinematographic perspectives.

By studying the works of young artists as well as experienced artists, we hope to re-imagine the starting points of future paths through their eyes. We hope to see through the images and beyond, like looking beyond a window, before determine the next step for the future.

Curated by Shu-Yi Chou, Unfolding Futures showcases 41 short films by artists from Taiwan, Hong Kong, China, Singapore and Malaysia. Selected through open-call or by invitation, these works help us to seek potentials of using body motion as creation theme, and to explore the relationship between video narratives and physical presence.

Premiere: Apr. 24, May 1, May 8, 2020 at the Sake Factory, Huashan 1914 Creative Park

Pareviews Resident Critic:

''An artistic action that reflects 'the present' is the one that realizes the meaning of arts...''

Hui-Ling CHI, Pareviews Resident Critic:

“The Future is coming. Whether the history will repeat itself or not is an uncertain question… An artistic action that reflects ‘the present’ is the one that realizes the meaning of arts… Unfolding Futures itself exemplifies an action, as the curator described, ‘to construct a dialogue with the future, beyond the present predicament’.”

Pareviews critic:

''This is not only a necessary question during the pandemic era...''

洪姿宇, Pareviews critic:

“What is crucial to the existence of theater, and how can that connects with the essence of cinematography and its visual experience? This is not only a necessary question during the pandemic era, but also what we should always ask: what defines dance? What defines theater? What defines images?”